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Roof Blocks &
Roof Top Supports

Dependable rooftop support solutions tailored for the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and solar industries.
Model T210
100% recycled crumb rubber
UV Stable

Block Length    10"
Strut Length    9.6"
Height       5"
Width         5"
Weight      5.36lbs
Capacity*   2,500 Lbs

Pre-Galvanized Steel Strut

Model T205
100% recycled crumb rubber
UV Stable

Block Length    6"
Strut Length    5"
Height       5"
Width         5"
Weight     2.73lbs
Capacity*   400 Lbs

Pre-Galvanized Steel Strut

Setting a New Standard
for Ultra-Durable & Environmentally Sustainable Roof Blocks

At Talon Roof Products, we're not just creating roofing solutions; we're setting a new standard for durability and environmental responsibility. Our roof blocks and portals are engineered with the finest, fine-grained rubber particles, ensuring unmatched strength and longevity. Whether you need support for solar racking, HVAC ducting, or cable tray systems, our products stand the test of time and elements.Choosing Talon means investing in the future. Our innovative use of 100% recycled crumb rubber not only diverts tires from landfills but also offers superior resilience against ozone exposure, heat aging, and compressive stress. By opting for Talon, you're selecting a cost-effective solution that minimizes the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

  • Solar Racking

  • HVAC Ducting

  • HVAC System Support

  • Pipe/Conduit Support

  • Cable Tray Systems

  • Roof Walkway Systems


Pre-Galvinized Steel Strut

• Other special order finishes          available

Independent Lab Testing

Ozone Exposure ASTM D1149-18

• Heat Aging ASTM D573-2019

• Hardness (Durometer Shore A)    ASTM D2240-2021

• Compressive Strength ASTM        D395-2018

• Tensile Testing ASTM D412-2016


100% Recycled Crumb Rubber


• Suitable for most Rooftop              Material

• UV Resistant

• Noise Dampening

• Highly Resistant to Freeze/Thaw

Model T210
Model T205

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