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Roof Block on the market 

Talon Roof Blocks -

Engineered for Excellence

Your Source for Reliable Rooftop Support Products for the HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Solar Industries.

Roof Block Support Solutions

Talon Roof Block Model T210
Talon Roof Block Model T205
Roof Portals Coming Soon!
Mini-Split Unit Support Blocks coming soon!

Why Choose Us?

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Image by František G.

We manufacture the strongest pipe support blocks in the industry.
It is with complete confidence that we claim to create durability that is unmatched!

Image by Samuel Regan-Asante

           Recycled Crumb Rubber


Talon Blocks are manufactured with the finest ground crumb rubber used in the industry.  

Testing completed by independent certified laboratory.

Ozone Exposure ASTM D1149-18

Heat Aging ASTM D573-2019  

Hardness (Durometer Shore A) ASTM D2240-2021  

Compressive Strength ASTM D395-2018 

Tensile Testing ASTM D412-2016





Ready to elevate your projects with Talon Roofing Products?

Whether you're looking to inquire about our products, find a distributor near you, or explore Talon for your next big project, we're here to assist. 
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